Stay... a rocketeer, accepting, adventurous, an artist, appreciative, at peace, balanced, beautiful, being, brave, breathing, calm, caring, childlike, compassionate, confident, conscious, contemplating, content, courageous, curious, crazy, creating, daring, desirous, diligent, dreaming, drifting, doing, empathetic, energized, enjoying, exploring, failing, fearless, fighting, finding, flawed, flowing, foolish, forgiving, genuine, going, grounded, happy, head-bobbing, healthy, “home”, honest, honorable, humble, hungry, hustling, idealistic, imagining, imperfect, improving, in awe, in perspective, in moments, in touch, innocent, inspired, inventing meaning, irrational, kind, laughing, learning, legit, letting go, listening, living, loving, making mistakes, mindful, observing, open-minded, opportunistic, original, patient, passionate, persevering, playing, poetic, positive, questioning, realizing, resilient, rested, ridiculous, rocking out, self-respecting, silly, simple, sincere, smiling, spontaneous, striving, strong, taking initiative, thankful, thinking, trusting, trying, understanding, unencumbered, unexpecting, unreasonable, unrelenting, valiant, vulnerable, wandering, with fire, with integrity, wondering, wonderful ; stay yourself.

* Inspired by the new year following long and challenging, but ultimately great 2010, a changing and forever incomplete elaboration on “stay hungry, stay foolish” of 117 qualities I have been at one point and aspire to continue being. Some are duplicates, many are contradictory, all are things that resonate with me, and perhaps with more beautiful souls as well.